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Ava Max shares her thoughts on the perfect time to show up to a party

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Ava Max is not a fan of showing up to parties on time, so she shared a piece of advice about when it’s appropriate to walk through the door.

Speaking to Interview during New York Fashion Week, the “Sweet but Psycho” singer opened up about her partying practices.

“The best time is an hour-and-a-half after it starts,” Ava revealed as she was heading to the Vogue fashion show and afterparty. “I don’t like showing up right on the dot. I like to have a few drinks in my hotel room first.”

That said, if you invite Ava to your party, there’s no reason to worry that she bailed if she doesn’t show up right on time.  

Ava is certainly enjoying herself in New York, revealing that she has packed her schedule with events that have been cutting into her beauty rest. The singer revealed that, while she is holding up okay, she “did not” get any sleep and is running on “a few hours” of rest.

Thankfully, the hitmaker will soon be able to catch up on her sleep because NYFW wraps September 14.

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