Die Hard Six Is Not Happening

If you were hoping for another edition of Die Hard 6, stop. Disney has put the plans for a sixth Die Hard film on the shelf. The rumor of another movie…

Producer Dennys Joke Jury 7-29-21

Dennys is back with another round of original comedy and it’s our job to let him know if its any good! What did you think of his jokes this week.

Two Truths & A Lie 7-29-21

Jbird, Dennys, and Suits all have a story to tell but one of them is making the whole thing up! Can you tell which on is the lier today?

The KVJ Hate Song 7-29-21

The haters have a lot to say which is good because we always need more comments for our KVJ Hate Song! Who got it the worst this week?

What’s Jbird’s Number 7-28-21

Jbird has a lot of weird items in his house! How many alien statues, capri suns, or My Little Pony toys does he have? We find out as Kevin and…