Think Fast 8-9-21

With Jbird out it’s another head to head round in Think Fast between Virginia and Dennys! Who will win today?

Little Kid Or Drunk Adult 8-9-21

Sometimes the dumb things we do as drunk adults are very similar to the dumb things we do as little kids. People sent in their stories and we’re going to…

Audio Charades 8-5-21

It’s Audio Charades on the KVJ Show! We broke the show into two teams and one show member has to make sound effects with their mouth for each word while…

South Park Creators Ink New Deal!

Big news if you are a South Park fan like myself, we’ve got a lot more content on the way! Co-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone announced earlier today that…

Biggest Dating Red Flags 8-4-21

What are the biggest red flags you’ve experienced on a first date? Kevin’s got a list of what people say are the top reasons to bolt on a first date!