Shock Paper Scissors 12-02-2021

Producer Dennys is our last person to strap up the shock collar for a round of Shock, Paper, Scissors! For ever show member that beats him, he gets shocked!

Am I The Jerk 11-30-2021

We love a great continental breakfast but are you a jerk if you take food from the breakfast for the rest of the day?

Think Fast 11-29-2021

It’s the first day back after Thanksgiving and the guys are thinking a little slow in today’s round!

Wendy Williams Takes Another Month Off

Wendy Williams is still not ready to return to her show and will take another month off. Announced as fill-in are stars like Bill Bellamy, Michael Rapaport, and Jerry Springer. In…

Two Truths & A Lie 11-03-2021

We’ve got a liar on the show and the only question is who! Jbird, Dennys, and Suits each have a story for us. Can you sniff out the liar today?