Real Or Fake Headline Game 1-4-2022

We’ve got some crazy headlines you wouldn’t believe are real, mixed in with a few Jbird made up. The question is, who can tell which ones are real? It’s Virginia…

Headphone Karaoke 1-3-2021

We’re bringing back a classic bit for the new year, it’s Headphone Karaoke! Who had the worst performance today?

Think Fast 01-03-2021

The KVJ Show is back from vacation and we’re going to see who is ready first thing on a Monday! It’s Think Fast on the KVJ Show!

Digital Drama 12-16-2021

Pat wants everyone to know he is not a fan of the whole ugly Christmas sweater thing but his Facebook rant about it got uncomfortable really quick! We’re acting out…

Think Fast 12-13-2021

The guys had a long weekend but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to think fast first thing on a Monday morning! Who will be our winner today?