Am I The Jerk 3-01-2022

Your neighbor gives you a weed whacker for your birthday but you already have one. Are you a jerk if you sell the gift online?

Will There Be A ‘Beetlejuice 2’?

Believe it or not, Beetlejuice will celebrate its 34th birthday on March 30, and Brad Pitt could be the catalyst to a sequel. The rumor is that Pitt’s production company…

Think Fast 2-28-2022

With Virginia out at Mardi Gras it’s a head to head match between Jbird and Dennys! Who is ready to think the fastest on the KVJ Show?

You Can’t Make Face 2-28-2022

It’s one of the most challenging rounds to date as the guys will have to eat a spoonful of watered down coffee grounds and If they make a face, they…