Dennys Or Animal 6-15-21

Dennys’ animal sounds are getting so well produced it’s like they are straight out of the movies! Can you tell which clips are Dennys?

Digital Drama 6-15-21

Kevin dials up the d-bag level to 11 for his read as Dane in this Facebook thread! See a good fight on social media you want us to read? Submit…

Dennys Or Animal 6-8-21

Our Producer Dennys has the amazing ability to mimic animal sounds! (Not really…) Can you tell which of these are real clips or just another one of Dennys impersonations?

Am I The Jerk? 6-8-21

Are you a jerk if you report a school crossing guard for smoking weed before their shift? How about if you don’t let your girlfriend borrow your car after she…

Digital Drama 6-8-21

People love to speak their mind on social media and it usually leads to some major Digital Drama!

Jeff Bezos Is Going To Space!

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is already the richest man on Earth, and now he’s about to be the richest man in space. Bezos announced Monday that he would be a…

Little Kid Or Drunk Adult 6-7-21

We all do dumb things when we’re drunk, but we do a lot of dumb things as kids too! People sent in their stories and now we have to guess…