The KVJ Hate Song 1-12-2022

Some people just love to hate on us, so we took the best comments and put them together in a little thing we like to call The KVJ Hate Song!

Think Fast 1-10-2022

It’s a game of speed on the KVJ Show! Kevin’s got the topics and the guys have to give an answer as fast as possible. Who is thinking the fastest…

KVJ Driving Test 1-6-2022

Admittedly, we don’t have the best drivers on the KVJ Show and today we’re going to find out exactly how much the show knows about the laws of the road….

Joke Jury 01-06-2022

Dennys comes out of the gate strong in 2022 with a hilarious round of original jokes! How would you rate his jokes this week?

Digital Drama 1-4-2022

Blue is devastated nobody came to his poetry slam, but he’s not getting much sympathy on social media. We’re acting out the thread in Digital Drama!

Real Or Fake Headline Game 1-4-2022

We’ve got some crazy headlines you wouldn’t believe are real, mixed in with a few Jbird made up. The question is, who can tell which ones are real? It’s Virginia…

Headphone Karaoke 1-3-2021

We’re bringing back a classic bit for the new year, it’s Headphone Karaoke! Who had the worst performance today?