KVJ TV (05-14-2020)

If you missed The KVJ Show today we have it all for you right her on KVJ TV commercial & music free! Best & Worst Thing About South Florida Cities, Dennys Joke Jury, The Stupid Thing You Recently Spent Money On?, KVJ Confessional, Shot & Shock – Don’t Make A…

KVJ TV (05-13-2020)

Facebook Fishing, World Record Wednesday – Shaving Cream & Ping Pong Balls, Is My Employee Faking The Coronavirus AGAIN?, Suits Has Trouble Skipping, Who Knows The Bird Better?, The Mystery Box, and Movie Theaters Playing Classic Movies. #KVJShow #WRMF #KVJTV

KVJ TV (05-12-2020)

Exiting Quarantine As A Hunk Or A Chunk, Strangers With Nose Boogers, An Awkward Situation Everyone Can Relate To, Dennys Or Animal?, Screw-Marry-Cancel, Songs Of Your Generation, One Sentence Advice For New Graduates, and Coming Out Ultimatums. #KVJShow #WRMF #KVJTV

KVJ TV (05-11-2020)

Fact Or Fiction: Food Edition, KVJ’s Quarantined Weekend, Monday Call Them Outs, Think Fast!, Stump The Bird, Who Bullied KVJ As A Kid?, Songs That Can Also Be Adult Movie Titles, Virginia’s Sister Has Step-Kid Troubles, and Talking To Yourself 20 Years In The Future. #KVJShow #WRMF #KVJTV

KVJ TV (05-08-2020)

Jbird’s Birthday Show!, The Blue Angels Florida Fly Over, No Name Movie Game, Suits Reviews Movies Jbird Suggested, Missed Connections, Dennys Knows When You’re High, Bad Advice From Mom’s, Name The Stain!, Am I The Jerk?, Weirdest HR Director Issues, and Flying During A Pandemic. #KVJShow #WRMF #KVJTV

KVJ TV (05-07-2020)

Dang! You missed The KVJ Show today? Don’t worry, we got your back! Everything is right here on KVJ TV, commercial & music free! Does Virginia Have Termites?, Raise Your Hand Poll, Who Is Legit?-Partied With Celebs, Are You Normal?, Dennys Joke Jury, KVJ Hero Of The Day, The Things…

KVJ TV (05-06-2020)

Commercial & music free, so you have no excuse not to listen! Everything you missed today is right here on KVJ TV. Queen Virginia’s Quarantine Law, KVJ Hero of the Day, World Record Wednesday-Sponge Face, Fact Or Fiction – COVID Closing Edition, Facebook Fishing, Ketchup On A Taco?, KVJ Netflix…

KVJ TV (05-05-2020)

You missed a lot today on The KVJ Show! But don’t worry, we have it all for you right here on KVJ TV commercial & music free! So catch up! Is Banana Bread Actually Cake?, Facebook Fishing-NextDoor Edition, Dennys Or Animal? Know Your Spanish, When The Pandemic Is Good For…

KVJ TV (05-04-2020)

No Name Movie Game-Kevin VS Jbird, Stump The Bird, Choosing Your Battles with Your Spouse, Think Fast!, Coronavirus Cruise Ship Controversy, 4 Day Work Weeks, and KVJ Confessional. #WRMF #KVJTV