Facebook Fishing (10-22-2019)

More people are fighting about how Halloween is done in there neighborhood & KVJ reenacts a dispute in today’s Facebook Fishing! #KVJShow #KVJTV #FacebookFishing

Facebook Fishing (10-09-2019)

Things get scary in Facebook Fishing when not all of the neighbors in the neighborhood enjoy the tradition of Trick-or-Treating. Sounds like someone might get egged this year! #KVJShow #FacebookFishing #KVJTV

Facebook Fishing 09 24 2019

Kevin has found the “Best Of NextDoor” page & now Facebook Fishing will never be the same! What kind of crazy has Kevin brought in to the #KVJShow & how does this post go from “sidewalk” to “side-ways”? #KVJTV #FacebookFishing

Facebook Fishing (09-06-2019)

A “Facebook Fisher” did what a lot of attention starved fishers tend to do, which is post something up without properly communicating with her entire family first & being a little too death hopeful.🎣⚰️ #KVJShow #FacebookFishing #KVJTV

Facebook Fishing-Dance Floor Dookie (07-31-2019)

Today’s Facebook Fishing consists of a twerking Tender date that did some “dump & grind” on the dance floor, a man hating feminist, and Dennys realizing he may have “stepped in it”! #KVJTV #KVJShow #DookieOnTheDanceFloor

Facebook Fishing (07-16-2019)

Have you ever thought you were in a relationship but you actually weren’t? In this round of Facebook Fishing, a guy gets called out when he thinks his girlfriend cheated only to learn that she wasn’t dating him at all. 🚗💔🥡#KVJShow #FacebookFishing #KVJTV

Facebook Fishing (07-02-2019)

Facebook Fishing starts out with an after prison wedding & ends with #KVJ learning about an interesting local drinking establishment. #KVJShow #FacebookFishing #KVJTV 👍🎣👰🚓

Facebook Fishing (05-20-2019)

It’s a special round of Facebook Fishing not only because Suits gets a part in it but the topic for this #FacebookFishing is centered around the #KVJShow! #KVJTV

Facebook Fishing (04-29-2019)

Don’t you hate it when someone hijacks your post? #KVJ gives us a great reenactment of one in today’s Facebook Fishing! #KVJShow #FacebookFishing #KVJTV

Facebook Fishing- “Good Guy Dan (03-19-2019)

Ladies always say they want a good guy, but do you really? Dan is a “good guy” and is going through a break up all because he lives with his mom. Now he wants sympathy. #KVJShow #FacebookFishing #KVJTV #KVJ