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KVJ TV (02-11-2021)

Fact or Fiction: Valentines Day, Playing The National Anthem At Sporting Events, Song Association Game, Jbird’s Love Song Hour, Dennys Joke Jury, FML and KVJ Draft (Love Songs)

KVJ TV (02-10-2021)

World Record Wednesday-Burpees, Public Speaking Problem, Google Family Feud, Kevin’s 6 Ways To Learn Spanish, Am I The Jerk and Was There A UFO Sighting? #KVJTV #WRMF #KVJShow

KVJ TV (02-09-2021)

It’s National Pizza Day, Dennys or Animal, Celebrity Boxing Match Ups, Battle of the Generations, New Pizza Lover Song and Some New Popular Coronavirus Terms! #KVJShow #WRMF #KVJTV

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Feel Good Friday! No Name Movie Game, Missed Connections, Dennys Super Bowl Team Quiz, Ending Co-Ed Sleepovers and What’s in Jbird’s Bag? #KVJShow #WRMF #KVJTV

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World Record Wednesday, The Story About Miami, Plead The 5th (Suits), High School Starter Kit and Is It Older Than Tom Brady’s First Super Bowl? #KVJTV #WRMF #KVJShow

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