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At 13….Who Was Your Favorite Band/Musician? Still Your Favorite Today? Studies Say Most Likely!

True for me!  At 13 I was allllllllll about Madonna!  Loved everything!  Her music, her clothes, her style, her attitude!  And I still love her today!

A new study has found that the average age most people discover their favorite band is 13.  It also found that 64% of parents try to influence their kids’ musical tastes, and parents who are into indie rock do it the most.

If you were reminded of the music you were listening to in the SEVENTH GRADE, would you be embarrassed . . . or would it be some of the SAME MUSIC you’re listening to now?

The ticketing company TickPick conducted a survey involving over 1,000 people, and they asked when people first heard their all-time favorite band.  And the average answer was . . . 13.  Or roughly seventh grade.

Coincidentally, the average age that people said they were first exposed to EXPLICIT music was 12 and a half.

When asked what influenced their musical tastes growing up, 66% said friends . . . 59% said radio . . . 52% said movies . . . 48% said their father . . . 45% said their mother . . . 44% said TV . . . 39% said concerts and festivals . . . and 33% said a sibling contributed.

And in that last group, nearly half of them said their older sibling exposed them to music their parents wouldn’t have approved of, which is sort of a classic big brother / big sister thing.

64% of parents said they’ve tried to influence their kids’ musical tastes, and not surprisingly, parents who are fans of INDIE ROCK are the biggest offenders.  75% of indie music-loving parents try to force it on their kids.

69% of parents who are fans of hard rock try to pass it on . . . as do fans of jazz (67%), classic rock, heavy metal, country and folk (all at 64%).

Fans of punk rock and pop were tied (62%) for the LEAST likely to actively try to steer their kids’ preferences . . . probably because kids are already going to discover those genres on their own.

Among the parents who have tried to influence their kids, 23% said that it was “important” for their kids to like their favorite acts . . . and 27% said it was important for their kids to like their favorite genres.