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As ‘Half Written Story’ finally arrives, Hailee Steinfeld tells fans, “Thank you for being so patient”

Sarah McColgan

Sarah McColganToday, Hailee Steinfeld releases Half Written Story, a five-track EP that’s the first part of a two-part project.  It’s her first release of a group of songs since her debut EP Haiz, back in 2015. The singer and actress tells ABC Audio that she decided to put songs out in two batches because she just didn’t want to wait any longer to share her music with fans.

“These are records that I have right now that are finished…that I love so much and I’m so proud of and I want to put them out,” Hailee explains. “It’s been a long time since I’ve put a body of work in music out, and I want to do that. I don’t want to wait any longer.”

“So as I continue to work towards a bigger body of work — [in other words,] an album — I want to put out what I have and what I’m stoked about right now,” she adds.

The five-track EP includes her recent singles “I Love You’s” and “Wrong Direction,” as well as the songs “Your Name Hurts,” “Man Up” and “END this (L.O.V.E.).” 

Hailee says she appreciates the fact that fans have been waiting a long time for music, since she’s currently balancing her career as a singer with her other job as an Oscar-nominated actress. 

“Thank you for being so patient,” is Hailee’s message to her fans. “I know that you have been eager to hear this new music as I have been to share it with you, but thank you for always being so supportive and just always looking out for me.”

“I really do feel like you guys have my back like no one else,” she adds. “I cannot wait to share this music with you once and for all!”

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