Are You Kidding Me!? People Are Mad About Sebastian Maniscalco’s Opener For The MTV VMA’s!

Twitter wasn’t here for MTV VMA host Sebastian Maniscalco’s opening monologue, the comedian poked fun at Millennials who have been known for the use of “safe spaces” and to have “triggers.”

Take a listen to the monologue and tell me what you think!

Many VMA viewers took to Twitter in response of Maniscalco’s jokes during his opening monologue, saying they were “unnecessary” and they were unimpressed of his bashing of young people who take topics such as social media, being influencers and “participation trophies” seriously. IT WAS HILARIOUS!  Not only because it’s true….but because HE’S A COMEDIAN!!!!

What did you think of comedian Sebastian Maniscalco as the VMA host? I thought he was great and I hope he tours again and hits South Florida!