Are You A “Sharent”? A Parent Who Shares Way Too Much Of Their Kids On Social Media?

I probably am.  I will post EVERY TIME my son Hunter and I do something together!  Every. Time.

The question has been put out there though – do parents who post pictures on social media of everything their child does have to fear a lawsuit for overexposure when their kid becomes an adult?

The good news is – probably not. An expert who specializes in cyber law says there is a parent-child immunity doctrine that says a child cannot sue for a parent for civil wrongs committed under their care.

A psychologist warns that posting too many pictures and stories online about your child helps to develop a “digital tattoo.” It’s information that follows your kid for the rest of their lives.

Things from years ago could be seen by potential boy or girlfriends and college and job recruiters.

Are you a “Sharent?” That’s a parent who overshares on social media. Has one of your kids ever asked you to take down a post? Did you do it?