Are Dogs better than Cats?

According to a survey, ‘60% of dog owners and 52% of cat owners’  have full-on conversations with their pets.

I can confirm this, because I have developed a whole language with my dog, who is a boxer. The language sounds kind of like whatever the Minions in Despicable Me are saying.

I think that dogs are more acceptable and open to having a conversation, while cats kind of mind their own business.

Another poll says that ‘62% of people think they’re in charge’ of the house, ‘10% think PETS make the orders,’ and ‘25% thing both are equally in charge.’

My dog has a little lookout spot on the stairs with a birds eye view of the entire house, so I would say that my dog definitely calls the shots.

Her name is ‘Schatzi’ by the way, and it’s pronounced ‘shotsy.’

What do you guys think: Cats….or….Dogs?