America's Favorite Dog Breeds

There are 60 million American households with nearly 90 million dogs living in them.
That’s a lot of hair to clean up.
24/7 Wall Street painstakingly ranked 100 of America’s favorite breeds into a list based on data from the American Kennel Association, showing there’s a dog out there for everybody.
Topping the list since 1991, the Labrador Retriever because of its outgoing, friendly nature. The German Shepard has moved up a rank since last decade, as well as the Golden Retriever.  French Bulldogs have surged in popularity to 4th place from 34th 10 years ago, while the Wire Fox Terrier made it back into the Top 100 after just missing it in 2016.
How did you choose your dog?
By breed?
It was given to you?