AMC Suspends Chris Hardwick After Allegations of Abuse

AMC has suspended one of it’s biggest faces when it comes to original programming… Chris Hardwick.
The host of AMC’s Talking Dead (a recap show that airs after each episode of The Walking Dead franchise) was suspended after an ex-girlfriend accused him of sexually and emotionally abusing her.
29-year-old actress Chloe Dykstra alleges that the 46-year-old Hardwick imposed strict rules on her behavior. She wrote on Medium that Hardwick forbid her from having male friends, to speak in public or to go out at night without him.
Even more disturbing are her claims that she “let him sexually assault me” on multiple occasions. “Every night, I laid there for him, occasionally in tears,” she wrote. Hardwick is denying the allegations.
AMC has suspending the airing of Hardwick’s show Talking with Chris Hardwick while they review the allegations.
Will this be the #MeToo moment that ends Chris Hardwick’s career?