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Ally Brooke on new book 'Finding Your Harmony:' "You can take away so many different things from my story"

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Ally Brooke’s book Finding Your Harmony, out Tuesday, traces her journey from child performer, to Fifth Harmony member, to present-day solo artist.  There are also personal revelations, such as her decision to save herself for marriage.  But there’s a reason why she’s telling all now.

“I have been a people-pleaser all my life, and I have been so nervous and scared to be vulnerable and to be upfront,” she tells ABC Audio.

“But my book was this opportunity finally just [say] ‘Hey, Ally, let’s just destroy all the fear you have and go for it. Be your best self. Be brave and honest for your fans.’ That way, they could be inspired to own their own stories and their own truth.”

Ally’s goal, she says, is “to help” and “bring hope” to people by by sharing her story.

“I’ve been through so many moments of feeling insecure, of having very low self-esteem or self-worth, even moments when…life seemed hopeless,” she admits. “But…it’s possible to achieve your dreams in the face of opposition and adversity.”

For Ally, that adversity was often the music industry, which she admits is “cruel.”

“People trying to take advantage of you. People talking down to you. People trying to tell you who to be, telling you your worth, right in front of you,” she says. “I’m trying to give the reader tips to navigate through all the obstacles…and protect yourself.”

While the book details how Ally’s faith got her through, you don’t need to be a believer to enjoy the book.

“How to face and deal with rejection, how to remap and rethink your life…owning your truth…body shaming and social media… I uncover so much in this book,” she says. “You can take away so many different things from my story.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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