AJ McLean Opens Up About His Addiction Recovery

During Monday’s episode of Dancing With The Stars, Backstreet Boys’ AJ McLean opened up about his addiction recovery with his dance partner, Cheryl Burke, who overcame her own addiction.

McLean says his addiction started after filming The Backstreet Boys video for “The Call” where he tried cocaine for the first time. He confessed to Burke saying, “Alcohol and drugs were basically a Band-Aid … all the while not realizing it was slowly killing me.” “I overdosed twice, and I’ve literally been in and out of recovery and sobriety up until almost 11 months ago,” McLean added. The breaking point for AJ was when his daughter didn’t want to cuddle with him after he relapsed in Vegas.

“You don’t smell like my daddy,” his daughter said and it crushed him, driving him to rehab. “My kids saved my life,” says AJ.

What drove you to take your sobriety seriously?