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After topping the US charts, BTS reveals their next big goal

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Hey, BTS, you’ve just scored your first U.S. number-one hit!  What are you gonna do now?  Well, according to the K-pop superstars, the Grammys are next on their bucket list.

During a press conference last night to mark the success of their smash single, “Dynamite,” group member Suga said — via a translator — “Now I would like to see a [solo] performance, just BTS on the Grammys stage.”

While BTS did sing on the Grammys last year, they did so as part of Lil Nas X‘s performance of “Old Town Road.”

“It would be great to receive an award. That is not going to become a reality just because we want to,” Suga continued. “But getting to perform on the Grammys stage is our new goal.”

J-Hope, who celebrated his birthday the same day he got the news about “Dynamite” debuting at number one, told reporters via a translator, “It still feels like a dream. I don’t know if this is reality, I am still shaking, I am still excited.”

“We started this because we love music, because we love dancing, I am very happy and excited that our sincerity resonated,” he added. “The energy we received from our fans allowed us to keep going.”

Meanwhile, if you’re tired of watching the video for “Dynamite,” you can check out the group’s new clip for “IONIQ (I’m On It).”  As previously reported, the song is a collaboration with Hyundai that will promote the car manufacturer’s new line of electric vehicles.

By Andrea Dresdale
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