Busy Body Gyms To Go

"You provide the desire and they'll provide the equipment with quality and convenience." -Kevin


"You never realize how important your hair is until you lose it. I'm a person that needed hair. I look a lot better and a lot younger and you can't put a price on the value of confidence. No matter your level of loss or budget, Hair Club is the answer." -Kevin

Ideal Nutrition

"Delicious. Healthy. Affordable. Convenient. Ideal Nutrition is a foundational life product for me." -Kevin

Lynn University

"Education opens doors. Lynn provides the key to opportunity from an effective and convenient environment." -Kevin

Pannu Laser & Vision Institute

"Seeing is believing. I believed when I could see. Pannu made everything convenient and affordable. I hated contact lessons and glasses were a pain. Pannu is the only solution for South Florida's active adults who want great vision." -Kevin


"I want to look great and feel great. RevitalIV keeps me healthy and as youthful as I can be for my age. Your best investment is in yourself. This is an investment worth making." - Kevin

Sleep Number

"Sleep Number has cracked the science of sleep and provides everything you need to be the best version of you.You are the best version of yourself when you sleep better. You are more productive; your quality of work is greater; your body is healthier; your digestion and fat burning levels are optimal and your just a nicer person." - Kevin

Wellington Anti-Aging Centre

"The name says it all. This is where you begin to fight the inevitabilities of aging. Balance is the key to life and hormones are the key to how your body functions. They control energy, fat storage and muscle. To feel your best and look your best, let Wellington Anti-Aging make sure you are in balance." - Kevin


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