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Adele’s Estranged Dad Calls Cops On Neighbor For Singing, Playing His Daughter’s Songs Loudly

Adele’s estranged father is upset that his neighbor is playing Adele so loud, disturbing him while he tries to sleep.

21-year-old, Penny Adkins, thought she would get praise for playing Adele’s music but says she was met with Adele’s father, Mark Evans, complaining about the music.

‘I just love singing Adele’s songs. All my friends say I sound just like her. I love playing her songs, too. I do play them loudly but not as bad as he makes out,” Adkins told the Sun.

Adkins says she gets nervous when leaving the house because she’s worried about Evans or his wife coming up to her. “It has been an absolute nightmare,” says Adkins.

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