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A new Katy Perry documentary? Not so fast

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Liza Voloshin

A story that Katy Perry is planning to release a new documentary giving a behind-the-scenes look at her life, is now everywhere…but it’s not entirely accurate.

On Monday, the British tabloid The Daily Star quoted Katy as talking about filming footage of her life on-and-off stage, and included comments about how much she admired Taylor Swift‘s documentary Miss Americana, and claimed that she’d said she was planning to make a similar film.

The story was then picked up by multiple media outlets…but it turns out that A: Katy’s comments aren’t new and B: She didn’t say she was definitely going to do the film.

Turns out Katy originally said all those things on August 6, while doing a fan Q&A with Australia’s Nova FM.

“I have incredible footage, I’m always documenting stuff,” Katy said in response to a fan asking her if there would be a follow up to her 2012 documentary Part of Me. 

“But y’know what I was really impressed by? Taylor’s documentary,” Katy added. “Like, that whole time, she’s just been documenting intense amounts of footage…and that’s not [just] over one tour or over one record cycle. And then, y’know you finally finish it and you put it into something, and all of it starts to make sense.”

“We’ll always use it, and we may use it sooner rather than later, or we may just have it in the back pocket,” Katy teased. “But as time goes on, the story gets juicier.”

So while it’s true that Katy’s been filming stuff, it doesn’t mean we’ll definitely be getting a Taylor-style documentary from the new mom.

By Andrea Dresdale
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