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A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera change with the seasons in new “Fall on Me” video

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ABC/Image Group LAAt the American Music Awards late last year, A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera performed their new collaboration “Fall on Me.” Now, the two acts have teamed for a video for the song, which uses the changing seasons as a metaphor for love.

In the clip, we see A Great Big World’s Ian Axel playing the piano in a snowy, wintry setting, while his band mate Chad King sits nearby under a tree. A blossom appears on the tree and falls into Chad’s lap. 

Then, we see Ian playing the piano under the same tree, except now it’s in full bloom, and his piano is covered with flowers. Christina is there in a white dress, singing as snow melts and flowers bloom all around her. Ian and Christina then stand back to back and sing together, as Chad plays the piano.

“To us, ‘Fall on Me’ is a search for connection and love,” Ian and Chad say in a statement. “It’s about surrendering to something bigger than oneself and trusting that the answers we seek will reveal themselves in time.”

Director Se Oh comments, “We as humans go through so many changes and reinventions throughout a lifetime. Finding love is a journey we all take, and just as a tree changes throughout a year, love is a cycle of highs and lows, of loss and rebirth. I wanted to create a visual that conveyed this idea.”

On Instagram, A Great Big World wrote, “Christina, thanks for creating magic with us again. Truly one of the highlights of our lives.”

A Great Big World and Christina last collaborated in 2013 on their Grammy-winning hit “Say Something.” “Fall on Me” will appear on A Great Big World’s upcoming third album, due out later this year.

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