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South Florida Woman Writes Hilarious & Passionate Letter To Tampon Company


I know we just met but yes, we’re going to talk about tampons.


Here’s the scoop…. My two best friends use the same tampon as myself. Well we used to, now that Kotex has discontinued their product we have been on the search for a new brand but haven’t found a new fit yet. One of my friends is really upset and wrote an epic letter to Kotex! Yep that’s right a letter. She didn’t leave a review or email but went straight old school with snail mail. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the most hilarious and passionate letter ever written about a tampon….


“To whomever cares about unhappy kitties worldwide:

My cycles have me in a dark dark red place and I know this is a lot to share having just met. I am finding myself in  a clot-nundrum with no plug to fix it. I think I can say I speak for many va-jay-jays internationally when I write, “What in the actual f**k was Kotex thinking when they ABRUPTLY discontinued THE BEST tampon on the planet?!?”  And if you think suggesting your compact tampon as a comparable product for my sensitive little cookie, you are barking up the wrong cotton. She is upset and by she.. I don’t mean me.  I am literally scared for my life in the upcoming days because you guessed it, I am starting my perioddtt (I said that with indignation) and I am officially out of my beloved sticks of armor, my saving grace, my guardian angels. This is a letter from all tacos around the world bearded or not. WE NEED OUR FULL SIZE TAMPONS BACK! LETS STOP THE NONSENSE. 


My Sad Clam”