Man Credits Covid Recovery To ‘Buzz Lightyear’ Helmet

After five days in intensive car, a man is on the road to recovery and credits his ”Toy Story”  “Buzz Lightyear“ looking helmet.

  “I may have looked ridiculous but I don’t care as it saved my life. I hope when they see a picture of me wearing the bubble mask, they might stop and think, ‘Wait, this is serious,’” he told the South WestNews Service per The New York Post. “Those who work in the intensive care unit, none of them have done anything like this before,” he explained. “They have come from different parts of the hospital and from working in theater to now where they are on the front line fighting this virus.” “I lay in bed for six days — not moving. I hadn’t used my bowels as I hadn’t eaten; I’d lost [14 pounds] and you feel you’ve lost your dignity, but they said, ‘Glenn, it’s all right, we see this all the time,’” he added. He hopes his experiences will inspire people to heed government warnings and stay at home.