6-Months After Breast Implants…How Melissa is Feeling Now Because of Lickstein Plastic Surgery

Where do I begin?  I guess since this is the 6-month check up… I should begin about 6-Months ago when I was 2 seconds away from backing out of my breast augmentation with Lickstein Plastic Surgery.  Between the support I received from Bryan and the rest of my family, I (clearly) went through with what has turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. Crazy, I know. Breast implants make that big of an impact?  In my case, yes.
I’ve discussed at large my operation and the following days. How well it went. How happy I was. However, nothing can compare to the feeling I had when I went in for my 6-month check up.  This is the appointment that Dr. Lickstein takes the “AFTER” pictures.  Basically, this is what it all comes down to!  This is where you see exactly how far you’ve come and how amazing Lickstein Plastic Surgery is.
Here’s the thing. I always said “my boobs aren’t that bad” or “they weren’t that bad”.  The fact of the matter is, after I had Gavin, I stood no chance. My boobs were in fact, my biggest insecurity.  Fast forward to my appointment and that moment when they showed me my BEFORE vs my AFTER pics. My mouth dropped. I got tears in my eyes. I could’t believe what I was seeing. Even though I see them everyday, it was easy to forget what I looked like before.  You do hear it all the time.  When you get implants, they just become a part of you.  No different than if they were what God gave you.  That made it that much more of a surprise when I saw my after photos!
Since getting breast augmentation, I’ve become the most confident version of me that I’ve ever been.  My husband notices it. My friends notice it. It’s truly been life changing.  Plus, I look better than ever in my swimsuits and golf outfits! 😉
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