60-year-old male Irish artist seen with Bradley Cooper mistaken for Lady Gaga

ABC/Rick Rowell

ABC/Rick RowellOver the weekend, a grainy photograph in a British tabloid purported to show Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga enjoying a romantic getaway together in France.   Well, it turns out that not only was that not Lady Gaga...it wasn't even a woman.

As another British tabloid, The Sun, points out, Cooper was actually seen lunching in a restaurant in Provence with U2's Bono and Bono's lifelong pal Derek Rowan, aka Guggi -- who happens to have long silver hair.  In addition to being a painter and sculptor, Guggi was also in a band called the Virgin Prunes. U2 fans know that Guggi's brother Peter is the kid shown on the cover of U2's 1980 album Boy.

A source told The Sun, “Bradley hasn’t seen [Lady Gaga] in months. He is good pals with Bono and met up with him and his friends, who include Guggi. He’s just trying to enjoy a break in the sun.”

While fans have been clamoring for Gaga and Cooper to get together in real life since they appeared in A Star Is Born -- and that talk only increased once Cooper split with his girlfriend Irina Shayk -- the two are not a couple.  A few weeks ago, Gaga was seen kissing audio engineer Dan Horton.

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