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24kGoldn's says McDonald's "organic" use of "Mood" in its Super Bowl ad was a "cool feeling"

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If you can’t star in a Super Bowl commercial, the next best thing is having your song appear in a Super Bowl commercial. That’s what 24kGoldn experienced on Sunday when his number-one hit “Mood” was featured in McDonald’s Super Bowl ad.  Best of all, he didn’t even have to lift a finger to make it happen.

“I just woke up one day and they said, ‘Hey, Goldn, McDonald’s wants to use your song in a Super Bowl commercial. Is that cool?’ And I said yes,” the artist tells ABC Audio. “And boom! A week later, everyone’s texting me, my family is watching the Super Bowl and, like, sending me videos of the commercial and going crazy. So that was a cool feeling.”

In the ad, called “Thank You for Driving Thru,” various people are seen ordering and waiting to get their food at the McDonald’s drive-thru line, or driving in their cars while eating the food they just picked up.  In each case, they’re singing along to a popular song — one of which is “Mood.”  Goldn likes the fact that the ad depicts a real-life, everyday situation.

“I just thought it was cool, like how organic it was, because that’s probably people’s real life experiences of listening to that song, you know, driving in the car with their friends, or going to get some food and just hearing it,” he laughs. “Because you can’t escape the ‘Mood!'”  

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By Andrea Dresdale
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