2 Big Differences In The New Charlie’s Angels Movie!

I am super excited to see this one!  I’ll def miss Drew, Lucy and Cameron, but these new Angels should be pretty cool!

Elizabeth Banks changed 2 things for this new movie:

Elizabeth chatted about the history of the franchise and revealed that the film won’t have a biographical opening, like the original series and past films have done.

“I felt that those beginnings were a way to apologize for the fact that these women were doing a job that you weren’t used to women doing,” she shared. “Versus 18 years later I don’t need to explain how she got her f—ing skills. As audiences we accept that women can do anything.”

She added that there’s one thing she had to have in the film – hugging!

“I was adamant that there be hugging in the movie. That’s what distinguishes Charlie’s Angels from James Bond, Jason Bourne, Mission: Impossible. This is what you get to do in the girl version of this movie that draws you in because it feels real. It is real. I cry at work.”

Charlie’s Angels opens on November 15th.

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