Bryan LaRoche

  • Monday-Friday 10:00am-2:00pm

Bryan is a converted Floridian who was born and raised right in America’s Heartland, Indianapolis, IN!  He has spent time on the air in cities like Miami, Detroit, Tampa, Indy, Jacksonville, is still syndicated in Portland, OR, but is now excited to entertain the Palm Beaches!

He’s married to his best friend Melissa and a dad to Gavin! (Who could quite possibly be moonlighting as an Avenger with the amount of costumes he has in the closet!)  Bryan and his wife bonded over their love of LIVE music!  If you’d ask him where he first knew he was falling in love with her, he’d tell you real quick that it was at a Luke Bryan concert at Coral Sky Amphitheatre! If we’re being specific, it was over by the stage right bar! 😉

A competitive golfer in the area, Bryan also works as a custom club fitter for Loft Golf Performance Lab at PGA National Resort & Spa!  So if you’re lookin’ for a new set or a few tips on your game, you know who to hit up!  When he’s not with family or on the golf course, healthy eating and gym time is the way to his heart! He swears that THIS is the year he finally gets that 6 pack! Although, he’d probably settle for a 4 pack!

You’ll find everything you want to know and more by following along on Instagram, @BryanGolf! (We told you.  The guy loves to play!)