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    Kirstie Alley Writes A Tell All Memoir

    11-08-2012: So we asked if Kirstie Alley should be ASHAMED about her revelations in her memoir detailing her "emotional affair" with Patrick Swayze AFTER he's passed away and she also calls John Travolta the "love of her life". Do you have a problem with this?

    Three Things You Need To Know

    11-08-2012: A great new alternative to wearing deodorant is now available. Wait till you hear what it is.

    How Do You Get Your Kids To Sleep?

    11-01-2012: We talked about how new parents drive about 1300 miles a year just to get there kids to sleep. We asked some of the more interesting things you did to get your kids to sleep. Great ideas!

    Mrs. Graham Stops By The Studio

    10-31-2012: Our in house psychic Mrs. Graham stopped by this morning to answer your questions.

    What Scares You To Death?

    10-29-2012: Deena hates clowns, Jen hates fire and Joe hates bugs. What scares you the most?

    Comedian Christian Finnegan

    10-25-2012: The very funny Christian Finnegan stopped by the morning show today.

    Have You Ever Embarrased Your Kids?

    10-24-2012: We asked if you have embarrassed your kids or did your parents ever embarrass you growing up. Great stories.

    You Do It Anyway

    10-23-2012: Joe has way to much caffeine on a regular basis, Deena blow drys her feet under wet blankets and Jen smokes. So we asked you what it is that even though its terrible for you, you still do it anyway.

    Deena's Daily Dirt

    10-23-2012: Donald Trump says he has a huge surprise for us and Kris Kardashian makes headlines in today's Dirt.

    Awkward Public Moments

    10-22-2012: Have you ever witnessed an awkward situation where you say, "Man I'm glad that wasn't me"? Joe did just before he got engaged and Deena's has a great story about a fight and a flying leg.

    Ever Want To Let Your Boss Know How You Really Feel?

    10-16-2012: Have you ever wanted to let your boss know what you really think? A new website will allow you to email your boss without them knowing its from you. Because sometimes, telling your boss what you think doesn't always turn out the way you hoped. Listen to these stories.

    When Is Stealing Your Style O.K?

    10-15-2012: We all have those friends who will copy you no matter what it is you do or buy. But is it ever acceptable? You'll be surprised by some of the listeners thoughts and experiences.

    Can't Beat Deena

    10-12-2012: Tina pits her pop culture knowledge against the Queen. Will she beat Deena? Listen in to find out.

    Coupons On The First Date?

    10-11-2012: Jen and Joe agree that busting out a coupon on the first date is so tacky but Deena says it's not that bad. What do you think?

    Hal Sparks Interview

    10-11-2012: Comedian Hal Sparks joined the morning show today.

    When Did You Learn That Your Best Friend Maybe Wasn't Such A Good Friend After all?

    10-10-2012: Ever learn that your best friend may not be such a great friend after all? It just happened to Hulk Hogen and the release of his sex tape. We asked when this may have happened to you.

    Can You Love Two People At The Same Time?

    10-08-2012: Chris Brown says he's in love with 2 women. We asked if it is possible to do that. Some very interesting comments from listeners.

    Ester Dean Interview

    10-05-2012: Ester Dean talks with the morning show about her new movie Pitch Perfect.

    Have You Ever Met A Ghost?

    10-05-2012: Joe's sister in law swears she has a ghost living with her. So we asked if you have ever met a ghost. Wait till you hear the responses.

    Jerry Springer Interview

    10-04-2012: Jerry Springer talks to the morning crew about embarking on his 22nd year of the Jerry Springer Show.

    Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Taylor Armstrong

    10-03-2012: Taylor Armstrong talks to the morning show about her new book and campaign against abusive relationships.

    Have People Said Hurtful Things To You?

    10-03-2012: A Wisconsin reporter is making headlines with her response to a viewers email about her weight. We asked if people have judged you before without having a clue who you really are?

    What Are Kids Being Sent Home From School For These Days?

    10-2-2012: A Kid in Orlando is making national news for being sent home from school for having a Mohawk. What did you or your kids ever get sent home from school for?

    How Did Your Parents Punish You Growing Up?

    10-1-2012: So the morning crew reflected on how they were punished growing up and asked who were you more scared of, Mom or Dad?

    Billy Ray Cyrus Interview

    9-28-2012: Country Music Star Billy Ray Cyrus hangs with the morning show.

    Comedian Steve O Interview

    9-27-2012: Comedian STEVE O joins the morning show.

    Do Men Really Care If There Woman Gains Weight?

    9-26-2012: So Lady Gaga is making headlines with her admitted 25lb weight gain recently. She also said that her man loves her with a little extra meat. Jen and Deena don't believe a man is ever sincere when he says that. Joe says that men could care less about a 25lb weight gain on there woman. What do you think? You'll be amazed at some of the answers.

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