KVJ Cares- Losing our children and losing home

Very difficult for me to ever ask for help from anybody but for the sake of my kids and is embarrassing it is for me I will do anything to protect them. I was in a serious accident which totaled my vehicle with the girls in it 5 months ago which calls me to have multiple broken bones and to this day I am still bedridden except for short walks to a car and sometimes can’t even move around the house. Have not been able to work I have to have spine surgery I had to sell a car which only lasted me for 2 months at this point we are few months late for rent and are days away from being evicted I am unable to take care of myself no less be the father I need to be and help take care of my children the alternative is without enough funds we will lose our place my kids will be pulled out of school from a place they’ve known for years now and live with family members. Which of course still leaves me to try to find a place to live if I don’t have a miracle happen. On top of the struggles to keep them fed do things with them keeping clothes on your backs if it wasn’t for the few friends and family that are struggling to help I wouldn’t even be able to give that to my kids I’ve been doing this by myself 4/5 months and it’s come to a head. If something doesn’t come through where I can pay all these bills by next weekend this is the last week my kids will be in school and next Saturday they will be sent to family members house. I need to get an appointment for surgery on my spine and spend a few months recovering and have physical therapy before I’m allowed even go back to work if I can even go back to work from what the doctors are saying on top of that the car I didn’t sell has been broke down so I have no way to get around and that needs to be fixed and of course money doesn’t grow on trees so I’ve really gotten sick of begging every other person every single day for a ride to school to go get food to help pay for electric but rent is so far behind they’re not laying any more on me and I’ve got a deadline and that’s it we’re out I pray that you guys and and have an ability to help at all I can’t do this on my own unfortunately and left with no other options tried everything from churches to State funding you name it and they’re either out of money or certain little things keep me from getting any assistance so sad form here in my quick kids ask questions and having to come up with answers to Shield them on a daily basis for dealing with this at 4 years and 5 years old is too much for them to deal with they shouldn’t have to grow up and be tough at this time. It makes me sad everyday I hope you guys can find it in your heart to lend a small hand in any way I certainly would do the same it’s not a fun position to be in I can assure you to ask for people to help it’s very humbling I’ve always been on top and now I am on the brink of poverty and losing everything within a matter of days weeks at the most so thank you guys for reading and please send this on to others that may be able to help God bless. Sincerely a father who will not give up thank you


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