How did THIS house not make the list?!

This house has given me nightmares for years!  However, the house that Freddy Krueger haunted poor Nancy in didn’t make the list of scariest haunted houses in movies! Neither did Norman Bates house from Pyscho!  I would have put those at a tie for #1!  Here’s the list that Gizmodo made:

1.  “It”  (2017)

2.  “Poltergeist”  (1982)

3.  “The Haunting”  (1963)

4.  “Hausu”  (1977)

(Also known as “House”.  It’s a Japanese movie, and it really is one of the WEIRDEST things you’ll ever see.)

5.  “The Changeling”  (1980)

6.  “The Others”  (2001)

7.  “Ju-On: The Grudge”  (2002)

8.  “Crimson Peak”  (2015)

9.  “American Horror Story: Murder House”  (2011

10.  “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark”  (1973)

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