Single in 2014? This Sunday is a HUGE day for you!

Jan 03, 2014 -- 9:07am

Sunday, January 5th is the most popular day of the year for online dating, research shows. And if you want to stand out and get your profile noticed in 2014, you should go easy on the selfies and emoticons, and don’t forget to smile, dating experts say.

Here are some more helpful tips to craft a perfect profile:

1. Post a photo of your full body, not just your face. Apparently people are far more likely to reach out to both men and women who use full-body shots. So show yourself off, regardless of what body type you have.

2. Selfies are great -- but less so if they're taken outdoors. Apparently would-be lovers prefer selfies ladies take in their living rooms to a self-portrait of a woman's face with a backdrop of trees or the Eiffel Tower. On the flip side, people actually seem to prefer outdoor photos when messaging men.

3. Don't overshare. Don't write about your recent breakup, your ex or your mental health issues. Save the deeper and darker things for in person, once you've actually made a connection with someone.

4. Actually describe yourself. People actually want to hear about what you do with your life, your hobbies and the things you really love.

5. Embrace a proper use of the English language.  Who out there hasn't rejected someone purely because he or she decided to start a message with "Ur profile..."

6. Feel free to make the first move. When a woman was writing the first message, notes that had the words "dinner," "drinks" or "lunch" got 73 percent more replies. We take this to mean that women should feel just as empowered as men to reach out and make plans with someone that they find intriguing.


Happy New LOVE Year!


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