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97.9 WRMF is taking you on a musical tour of the biggest songs from the decade that gave us bands like Sugar Ray, Backstreet Boys, Alanis Morisette, Pearl Jam, Green Day and more. We're digging into the 90's playlist to give you the biggest hits, some one hit wonders and few guilty pleasures (Ice Ice Baby!).

Once you've heard a few songs on The Big 90's Weekend and your memory kicks into high gear, tell us the names of the bands and songs you'd like to hear more of. Tell everyone you know that likes 90's music as much as you do, that we want to hear from them as well!



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Listen all weekend for a chance to win a pair of tickets to Summerland Tour 2014!


  • Photos


    • feBREWary Fest with All American Rejects

    • Matchbox 20 Listener Lounge at Guanabanas

    • Christina Perri!