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The FlashMob4HomeLESSkidz

Jun 15, 2013 11:30am - 2:00pm

The Homeless Coalition of Palm Beach County is staging the Flash Mob 4 Homeless Kids on July 15, at 1:00pm at City Place, the Saturday before Father’s Day. The purpose is to give the people of Palm Beach County a wake -up call with a visual image of the 184 homeless children who have come to the Lewis Center on average each month with their families seeking help, safe housing and supportive services.  Each one of the 184 Dancers in the Flash Mob 4 Homeless Kids represents one homeless child.  We will have video and cameras there to capture the moment, and press galore. Come join the dance or the audience. Stand with us for Homeless Children, Thank you!


STEP 1>> To RSVP & keep up with all the details & plans, please go to this event and Click [JOIN].

You will appear in the "Going" list and you will get every update automatically in your email inbox. Easy!

OR if you prefer not to Facebook, email plante.maura@gmail.com to RSVP yes.  We will send out an email or two leading up to the event.

STEP 2>> Please watch & learn the dance with this instructional video here

STEP 3>> Find your Motivation! Get to know the reasons why we are dancing for homeless children here

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