Charles Manson is coming to Florida!

Huh?  Well, a grandson of the cult leader won (you call that a win??) the California court battle Monday over the killer’s body.

Jason Freeman, a former professional mixed martial arts fighter from Bradenton, Florida, is the son of the late Charles Manson Jr., who was the child of Manson and his first wife. Charles Manson Jr. changed his name to Charles Jay White and later killed himself.

Jason was awarded the pleasure of retrieving Manson’s remains, which have been on ice in the Bakersfield morgue since he died in November. EW!  He’s been chillin’ in there for 5 months?!

Sounds like Freeman doesn’t have any grand plans of touring the world with his ashes – he said he would just cremate and spread the ashes of Manson and put to rest “this so-called monster, this historical figure that shouldn’t have been blown up as big as it was for all these years.”

Full freaky story here!



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